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When you're considering a career path, it's wise to take into consideration what industries will be thriving and growing when you're ready for the job market. By choosing an industry that is strong in Oklahoma, you're helping to fuel the economic engine that helps our state grow, but it's also helping to ensure a career path that brings with it plenty of opportunities for growth and enhancement.

While the traditional energy industry fields of oil and gas exploration, production and distribution are still strong in Oklahoma, there are other fields you might want to consider. Visit the links below to learn more about industries vital to Oklahoma's economic prosperity for the foreseeable future.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Today's manufacturing environment is a far cry from that of our grandparents. Sophisticated technology combined with efficiency and quality processes have created workplaces that put a premium on workers with an interest in engineering, technology, and science. Manufacturing in Oklahoma, particularly northeast Oklahoma, is thriving and needs workers like you.


Did you know Aerospace is one of Oklahoma's fastest growing industries? More than 300 companies employ more than 72,000 Oklahomans. If you're looking for excellent pay, great benefits and opportunities for growth, check out a career in Oklahoma aerospace.


Everywhere you look, you see the indispensible creations of construction workers - roads and bridges, houses and stores, hydrants and sewers. Construction work offers opportunities to work outdoors, meet ever-changing challenges and earn a good income with the potential to move up the ranks, be your own boss, and possibly retire as a millionaire.

Health Care

According to the Department of Labor, more new wage and salary jobs created between 2004 and 2014 will be in health care than in any other industry. That provides an environment rich with opportunity as Oklahoma hospitals and other health care providers seek professionals and support staff ready to meet the rising demand for personnel in nursing and allied health care.

Manufacturing pays wages and benefits that are about 25% higher than in non-manufacturing jobs? Explore manufacturing jobs in Oklahoma.
Health Care Careers
Statewide surveys of Oklahoma hospitals indicate the greatest needs are for nurses, respiratory therapists, imaging technologists, pharmacists, medical and laboratory technologists, physical and occupational therapists, and scrub/surgical technicians.Explore health care careers in Oklahoma.
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