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College Planning

Plan your high school courses, explore majors, explore and sort colleges, and consider payment options with the tools below.

  • And check out real options that could get you college credit free or darn cheap.
  • And find out about online options that can solve time and space issues and bring you courses not available where you are.

Link from here to some outstanding planning tools on the Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS) and

High School Planning

Plan for College. High school courses to take, college entrance requirements, a planning timeline, summer opportunities, and more. Sign in and use High School Planner to plot your progress against requirements for some Oklahoma colleges. (

Majors/Programs of study

Career Majors/Programs of Study. Learn about high school preparation, typical courses, schools offering that program, financial aid, and occupations in fields from Accounting to Zoology. Look them up by name or shop around in dozens of subject clusters. You can also get a detailed comparison of up to three schools using the Compare tab. (OKCIS)

Facts about Colleges and Other Schools

Oklahoma Schools by Name. Info on admissions, housing, size, cost, financial aid, intercollegiate and intramural sports, career services, and more – including every program of study at each of about 150 schools. (OKCIS)

Oklahoma Schools by Type. Comprehensive universities, private colleges and universities, private trade schools, regional universities, technology centers and two-year colleges. Discover schools you never thought of. (OKCIS)

College Credit at CareerTech. Earn college credit (and degrees) while attending CareerTech. A listing of CareerTech centers with links to cooperating colleges and programs. Don’t miss additional colleges at the upper left part of the page. For more information on these Cooperative Alliances, see College at CareerTech and Cooperative Alliance at CareerTech. (OKCIS)

Choosing a School

School Sort. Get a list of colleges that match your needs and preferences – majors, type of school, location, size, tuition, availability of ROTC or sports scholarships, and other attributes. OKCIS includes both this Undergraduate School Sort and a Graduate School Sort. (OKCIS)

Explore Colleges. Search by name or use Matching Assistant to find four-year or graduate schools meeting your preferences. Comparative View offers a quick, sortable overview of Oklahoma campuses by size, location and other characteristics. Distance View lets you find campuses near or far from your home ZIP code. (

Paying for School

Paying for School. Most students receive some kind of financial aid. Here’s a guide to costs, funding sources, types of aid, and how to apply. (OKCIS)

Financial Aid Listing. Check out thousands of scholarship and aid opportunities based on your interests, talents, major, gender, religion and other categories. Or search by key word. (OKCIS)

Paying for College. Learn about types of aid, student loans, FAFSA, money management and more, including an extensive FAQ section and a glossary of acronyms and terms from ACT to the U.S. Department of Education. Aid tools include a SLOPE Calculator for estimating safe college loan limits. (

Scholarship Search. Browse by keyword or set up a search based on a personal profile of where you live; affiliations with clubs, corporations and other organizations; your major; your college; and other information. (, requires login)

Free and Low-Cost College. You can get a college course or two up to a four-year degree and beyond by taking advantage free and low-cost options. Heads-up: Most of those options need to be started while you're in high school.