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KeyTrain & Career Ready 101

KeyTrain is the lift component in the WorkKeys/Career Readiness Certificate program, helping students and adults improve their skills and their scores and qualify for better career opportunities. See First, Get Word Ready at right.

In studies in Oklahoma and across the U.S., KeyTrain and Career Ready 101 are developing an impressive track record. Following are some facts about KeyTrain and Career Ready 101.


  • Helped 241 of 250 Canadian Valley Technology Center students qualify to enter their chosen programs at the school's Chickasha campus last year.
  • Helped all 35 participating Claremore High School students raise scores on two WorkKeys tests and helped 34 raise their scores on the third test. Most of the students raised their scores by 2 or more points on the 6- and 7-point scoring scales.
  • Used as part of a for-credit course at Claremore High School.
  • Can help users qualify for higher-skill, better paying jobs. Base-level bronze-certificate jobs have a median salary of $27,340. Silver occupations pay $38,022, and gold occupations pay $62,987.
  • Used with more than 130,000 students in more than 100 Chicago high schools, bringing the average math score up by one level and the average reading score up by one-half level.
  • Used with at-risk students at Baldwin High School in Milledgeville, Georgia, and helped boost their pass rates on the state graduation test from 76% to 94% in English and from 57% to 94% in math.
  • Used as the primary curriculum in a pre-release program in Louisiana prisons, lowering the recidivism rate by 8 percentage points and helping one quarter of participants find jobs the same quarter they were released.  64% were released with Career Readiness Certificates, and most of those were higher-level silver and gold certificates.
  • Used as the basis of a “credit recovery” program at Norwood, Colorado, high schools, giving students who are short of credits a chance to catch up, demonstrate their abilities, and graduate. In addition, all the KeyTrain students raised their ACT college entrance exam scores by at least two points, with one student adding five points to his science score.

Career Ready 101

  • Is a platform for teaching soft skills such as customer service and work habits.
  • Is a platform for teaching life skills such as career exploration, financial literacy, resume writing, and interviewing.
  • Uses the same 16-area Career Cluster system already used in Oklahoma.
  • Integrates with KeyTrain.
  • Provides self-paced lessons and material for instructor-led classes.
  • Offers lessons aligned with financial literacy standards in the Oklahoma PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) requirements.

KeyTrain and Career Ready 101 are both products of ACT, the company most famous for its college entrace exams. ACT also produces WorkKeys, which forms the basis for the Career Readiness Certificate.