Graduates of 21 Oklahoma City and Western Heights high schools can attend Oklahoma City Community College for up to three years tuition free under the OKC-GO program.

You should apply to the college in the spring of your senior year in high school or by July 1 after you graduate. An application package is available online. You also need to complete your FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, with detailed information on your finances.

You need to start classes in the summer, fall or, sometimes with permission, spring following high school graduation. To remain in the OKC-GO program, you need to take at least 6 hours per semester, complete at least 66 percent of your courses, and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. You also need to complete eight hours of community service each year, which you can do through programs organized by the school's Office of Student Life.

With OKC-GO, you can attend OCCC for up to three years or 61 credit hours. Tuition is free, but you're responsible for books and fees. Many students qualify for additional financial aid for those costs.

OKC-GO is for students from the following high schools:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Centennial
  • Classen SAS
  • Dove Science Academy
  • Douglass
  • Emerson
  • Harding Charter
  • John Marshall
  • John Wesley
  • Northeast Academy
  • Northwest Classen
  • Pathways
  • Renew
  • Santa Fe South
  • SAVE Academy
  • Seeworth
  • Southeast
  • Star Spencer
  • U.S. Grant
  • Western Heights