Concurrent College Enrollment
for High School Students

If you’re bored with high school, go to college. Qualifying Oklahoma high school students can take college courses at: 

  • Public colleges and universities in their communities
  • High school campuses
  • Other locations, including online

Outstanding juniors and seniors can enroll in college courses while they’re still in high school. Seniors get tuition waivers for up to six hours per term at public colleges and universities. Some colleges give similar waivers for juniors. Students still pay for books and required fees. 

Students generally take classes at local colleges, although some colleges offer some classes at high schools, and some students take classes online. 

Your college classes also count as high school credit. If the college course is related to a particular high school course, you get credit for taking that high school course. Before the 2009-2010 school year, some students were discouraged from taking college classes because they would still have to take a similar high school class. A new law and regulations eliminated the duplication and may have contributed to a 6.5 percent increase in concurrent enrollment.

Admission is based on ACT or SAT scores, high school grade point average, class rank, and a statement from your principal. Those standards vary depending on the college, your year in school and the year you start. For fall 2009, seniors generally need a 3.0 GPA or ACT scores of 19-24, depending on the college. Juniors need more, a 3.5 GPA or ACT scores of 21-25.

In the fall 2009 semester, 5,763 Oklahoma high school students were enrolled in concurrent college classes.

For more information see Earn College Credit at Oklahoma Higher Education and talk to your school counselor.