Advanced Placement

There’s no college tuition when you take an Advanced Placement course in high school. A qualifying score on the AP exam at the end of the course earns you credit at most colleges and universities in Oklahoma and the rest of the nation.

AP courses are challenging and help you develop thinking, writing, problem-solving, and study skills that will be useful in college. Besides saving money, students who meet the challenge broaden their intellectual horizons and get a chance to move more quickly into higher level courses in college. And they may finish college sooner.

About 20 percent of Oklahoma’s public high school class of 2009 took at least one AP exam – that’s more than 7,300 students – and about half earned a score of 3 or higher needed to earn credit at most Oklahoma colleges.

AP courses cover a variety of academic subjects, including art, English, foreign languages, sciences, math and music. The most popular tests, as you can see in the graph above, are in English and history. The best pass rates are in Advanced Psychology, European History and U.S. Government and Politics. 

Tests are administered by the same College Board that gives the SAT college entrance exam. Some colleges give additional credit for higher scores. You can find a list of Oklahoma colleges with links to the credit they allow for each AP subject test at Earn College Credit at Oklahoma Higher Education. Also see About AP at the College Board site.